Monitor your traps
from anywhere with
Animal Detect

Get real-time notifications and updates with images when a trap is activated – Stay compliant and track your traps with ease

Why use Animal Detect?

Benefits of using smart monitoring device

Keep track of the animal wildlife around your premises, reduce time on checking if an animal has been caught in a trap, and comply with laws and regulations with the remote monitoring device. Receive images and updates directly in your Animal Detect app, no matter where you are. 

Save time

With real time daily data updates you will get an instant notifications to your app if your trap is activated or status has changed. No more need for manual monitoring

Images from the trap

Get live trap updates through images, even in darkness where the camera changes automatically to infrared. See captured animals or monitor activity around the premises

More ethical approach

Up to 80% of animals trapped are bycatch. Minimize the time animals have to avoid injuries and take the most ethical approach to animal population control by responding instantly

Comply with the law

By law, in Denmark you are required to manually check blind traps every 12 h. With Animal Detect you only need to take action when you receive a trap activation notification

What makes Animal Detect unique

The most versatile Remote Monitoring Device (RMD)

Animal Detect is currently one of the smartest remote trap monitoring device on the market with unique features to significantly reduce your workload and make animal control more ethical. 

Easy setup

With a straightforward setup process, begin receiving captivating wildlife images from Animal Detect in mere minutes. 

Step 1

Download the Animal Detect app from App Store or Google Play. Create your profile and sign in to embark on your wildlife monitoring journey.

Step 2

Seamlessly add your Animal Detect devices. Pinpoint and set their exact GPS locations on the app's interactive map for precise tracking.

Step 3

Connect the battery to your device. Sit back and eagerly await the arrival of your first captivating wildlife images.

How does the app works?

Intuitive, user friendly and informative phone application

The Animal Detect is now available on iOS and Android. Create an account, add an Animal Detect by scanning a QR code and wait for the first images to arrive in your app. It cant get any more simple

Download Animal Detect mobile app and create your profile

When you purchase Animal Detect units download the accompanying mobile app and set up a profile to manage all your Animal Detect units from one place. 

Scan qr code on Animal Detect

Scan the QR code on the back of your Animal Detect units

You can add the unit directly at the spot you want to use it by saving your current location or adding precise coordinates from anywhere.

Now your Animal Detect is active! Manage your traps from one place

Your Animal Detect starts working instantly and captures  any activity in or near your trap. Now you can manage all your traps from list or map view

Why do I need it?

Who benefits from Animal Detect

Animal Detect is suitable for use in combination with wildlife traps or even as a wildlife camera. Underneath you can see four different possible use cases. As the device is powered by 4G/3G/2G communication you’ll remain connected, even in the most remote locations.

Game Keeping

Monitor wildlife discreetly, minimize habitat disturbance, and thwart poaching. Elevate gamekeeping with real-time insights from Animal Detect.

Agriculture and Farming

Monitor livestock and protect crops from pests. Animal Detect offers farmers a proactive approach, ensuring better yields and healthier livestock.

Animal Control

Efficiently track and manage stray or invasive species. With Animal Detect, ensure safer environments without guesswork. Swift, informed responses every time.

Nature Conservation

Protect and study habitats without intrusion. Animal Detect provides a non-disruptive way to gather vital data, aiding conservation efforts.

Technical Specification

Animal Detect unit

BatteryRechargeable LiPo 7.4V
Battery lifeUp to 8 weeks – Configuration dependent
Network Connection4G/3G/2G
Dimensions150 x 100 x 50 mm
SensorsPIR and REED as default
Weather protectionIP66
Operational range-20°C to +60°C
Anti theftUnique ID
Battery Rechargeable LiPo 7.4V
Battery life Up to 8 weeks – Configuration dependent
Network Connection 4G/3G/2G
Dimensions 150 x 100 x 50 mm
Sensors PIR and REED as default
Weather protection IP66
Operational range -20°C to +60°C
Anti theft Unique ID

Interested in trying Animal Detect?

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Animal Detect is currently under development but you have chance to pre-order and become an early tester. Talk to our field experts to find out how Animal Detect can benefit you or fill in the form and we will get back to you.